H Shape Rotary Joint/Swivel Joint

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Rotary Joint

HDtype single rotary designed for Heat conduction oil, thermal water


Can choose threaded connection Yu Falan connection, threaded connections are divided into left-handed right-handed


Hindney company has from the single swivel domestic graphite sealing, graphite sealing


Due to easy to leak, using dynamic compensation of imported seal seal, may transport


Thermal oil, hot water, chemicals and other kinds of fluid medium, H rotary joint can be divided into, hydraulic rotary joint


High temperature rotary joint, high-speed rotary joints, high pressure rotary joint, single and double loop rotating joint is optional


any other requirements, contact: technical@erotaryjoint.com


model# connectoe screws direction passage media
HD-G1/8 G1/8 left right single media type
HD-G1/4 G1/4 left right single media type
HD-G3/8 G3/8 left right single media type
HD-G1/2 G1/2 left right single media type
HD-G3/4 G3/4 left right single media type
HD-G1 G1 left right single media type
HD-G1-1/4 G1-1/4 left right single media type
HD-G1-1/2 G1-1/2 left right single media type

Machine tool rotary joint order

Rotary joint product specifications for the standard model size, if need other requirement according to your requirements

Customization, including connection mode, as well as the types of control, channel number, size requirements, as well as the requirement of the shape

Rotary joint work speed, temperature, pressure requirements, such as rotate or right and left

Connection mode, size requirements, channel number, material requirements, medium type, and shape

Rotary joint choice: type high speed rotary joints, high temperature type rotary joints, high pressure type rotary joint

Medium type options: pneumatic rotary joint, vacuum rotary joints, hydraulic rotary joint, hot and cold water use rotary joint

Custom rotary joints, please click on the sales hot line086-0755-27222664email:sales@erotaryjoint.com