LED Industry-specific Rotary Joint/Rotating Valve Regularly

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Rotary Joint
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LED industry special rotating joint is a professional design for the LED manufacturing equipment application


The compact design style, effectively reduce the occupied space of the rotating joint


Into the way of design, more efficient and customer equipment should cooperate with each other


One in 12 out, one in 18 out pattern choice, the Angle control rotary joint work


Loading/unloading of imported high-speed bearing support, internal quality seal junction


Effective control of the rotating joint work


Any other requirements, contact: technical@erotaryjoint.com


model# input screws output screws passage meida
DL-G1/4 G1/4 M5 ¦µ8¦µ10 vacuum£¬gas
DL-G3/8 G3/8 M5 ¦µ14¦µ16 vacuum£¬gas

Rotary valve timing/swivel order instructions

Rotary joint product specifications for the standard model size, if need other requirement according to your requirements

Customization, including connection mode, as well as the types of control, channel number, size requirements, as well as the requirement of the shape

Rotary joint work speed, temperature, pressure, etc

Connection mode, size requirements, channel number, material requirements, medium type, and shape

Provide rotation timing valve control point of view, and control

Rotary joint choice: type high speed rotary joints, high temperature type rotary joints, high pressure type rotary joint

Medium type options: pneumatic rotary joint, vacuum rotary joints, hydraulic rotary joint, hot and cold water use rotary joint

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