QD-F Pneumatic-Electrical Slip Ring/Rotary Joint

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Rotary Joint

Pneumatic-electrical slip ring also named pneumatic-electrical rotary joint£¬Even the style design£¬Effective to electricity, signal£¬


Data, gas, liquid and other kinds of medium mixed spin transfer, 360 gas path parts support 1-24


Circuit part of the support1-96 rings£¬screws M5 G1/8 G1/4£¬G3/8 G1/2 G3/4,inner part


Adopt imported high-speed bearing support, Germany imported seal for dynamic seal, standard teflon wire


Ork speed 120 RPM maximum pressure 2500 psi, the highest temperature of 80 C above belongs to standard electrical slip ring model parameters


You need to customize, please provide your requirement to us, we will for you to make a high quality electrical slip ring products

2 rotaryjoint

QD-F-1PGslip ringView>>

3 rotaryjoint

QD-F-2PGslip ring


3 rotaryjoint

QD-F-3PGslip ring


1 rotaryjoint

QD-F-4PGslip ring



QD-F-6PGslip ring



QD-F-8PGslip ring


pneumatic-electrical order guidance

Electrical slip ring, also known as gas electric rotary joint, support gas, oil, water, signals, Ethernet, usb


Data, current and so on the many kinds of medium mixed spin transport, can choose supply road and loop, model specifications


QD-F-1PG-M5-3W8P expalianation :QD means rotary joint£¬Fmeans flange connector£¬1PGmeans one


Pnuematic£¨liquid£©passage£¬M5means screws M5£¬can connecttube ¦µ4 ¦µ6£¬3Wmeans 3 power rings


rings for power£¬ before order you need to provide speed, pressure, temperature, nipple, gas, electricity way


Access to current size, type of medium, whether you need circuit block, is there a required size, installation, Hidney professional company


Design team£¬the most rigorous design, provides the highest performance of electrical slip ring, rotary joints, rotary joint products, in strict accordance with the guests


Can be customized, tehcnical support:rotaryjoint@163.com