GH012 Through Bore Slip Ring

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GH012 standard through bore slip ring with bore size12.7mm(suit for any bore size<=12.7mm)


OD56mmAll aluminum alloy structure integral precision conductive slip ring to support the signal(2A),


10A, multiplying power *10A,voltage250VAC/VDC. bore size 12.7mm,OD: 56mm


High precision rotation, more stable and longer life compare with other congeneric product


Contact materials using precious metals+Gold-plated superhard processing£¬small torque£¬steady running £¬long life ,Small fluctuations in resistance, small contact resistance


Ensure excellent transmission performance, typical applications include automation equipment camera haeundae robot working rotary table.


model# total rings current model# total rings current
GH01202-0200 2rings 2X10A GH01202-0002 2rings 2Xsignal(2A)
GH01203-0300 3rings 3X10A GH01303-0003 3rings 3Xsignal(2A)
GH01203-0102 3rings 1X10A+2Xsignal(2A) GH01303-0201 3»· 2X10A+1signal(2A)
GH01306-0600 6rings 6X10A GH01206-0006 6rings 6Xsignal(2A)
GH01206-0204 6rings 2X10A+4Xsignal(2A) GH01206-0402 6rings 4X10A+2Xsignal(2A)
GH01212-1200 12rings 12X10A GH01212-0012 12rings 12Xsignal(2A)
GH01212-0210 12rings 2X10A+10Xsignal(2A) GH01212-0408 12rings 4X10A+8Xsignal(2A)
GH01212-0606 12rings 6X10A+6Xsignal(2A) GH01212-0804 12rings 8X10A+4Xsignal(2A)
GH01212-1002 12rings 10X10A+2Xsignal(2A) GH01218-1800 18rings 18X10A
GH01218-0018 18rings 18Xsignal(2A) GH01218-0216 18rings 18X10A+16X(signal)2A
GH01218-0414 18rings 4X10A+14X(signal)2A GH01218-0612 18rings 6X10A+12X(signal)2A
GH01218-0810 18rings 8X10A+10X(signal)2A GH01218-1008 18rings 10X10A+8X(signal)2A
GH01218-1206 18rings 12X10A+06X(signal)2A GH01218-1404 18rings 14X10A+4X(signal)2A
GH01218-1602 18rings 16X10A+2X(signal)2A GH01224-2400 24rings 24X10A
GH01224-0024 18rings 24X(signal)2A GH01224-0618 24rings 6X10A+18X(signal)2A
GH01224-1212 18rings 12X10A+12X(signal)2A GH01224-1806 24rings 18X10A+6X(signal)2A
GH01236-3600 36rings 36X10A GH01236-0036 236rings 36X(signal)2A
GH01236-0630 36rings 6X10A+30X(signal)2A GH01236-1224 36rings 12X10A+24X(signal)2A
GH01236-1818 36rings 18X10A+18X(signal)2A GH01236-2412 36rings 24X10A+12X(signal)2A
GH01236-3006 36rings 30X10A+6X(signal)2A GH01242-4200 42rings 42X10A
GH01242-0042 42rings 42X(signal)2A GH01242-0636 42rings 6X10A+36X(signal)2A
GH01242-1230 42rings 12X10A+30X(signal)2A GH01242-1824 42rings 18X10A+24X(signal)2A
GH01242-2418 42rings 24X10A+18X(signal)2A GH01242-3012 42rings 30X10A+12X(signal)2A
GH01242-3606 42rings 36X10A+6X(signal)2A GH01248-4800 48rings 48X10A
GH01248-0048 48rings 48X(signal)2A GH01248-0642 48rings 6X10A+42X(signal)2A
GH01248-0642 48rings 6X10A+42X(signal)2A GH01248-1236 48rings 12X10A+36X(signal)2A
GH01248-1236 48rings 12X10A+36X(signal)2A GH01248-1830 48rings 18X10A+30X(signal)2A
GH01248-2424 48rings 24X10A+24X(signal)2A GH01248-3018 48rings 30X10A+18X(signal)2A
GH01248-3612 48rings 36X10A+12X(signal)2A GH01248-4206 48rings 42X10A+06X(signal)2A