Through Bore Rotary Joint

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Rotary Joints

Through bore rotary joint is according to the machine tool spindle applications and meter, support for gas and oil


A variety of media such as water support with conductive slip ring, transmit data at the same time, signals, Ethernet


Support number 1-24 pathways, according to the characteristics of the high temperature environment, adopted imported rotary joints


High temperature resistant seals to seal, under the high temperature, the seals maintain good sealing performance


Large hole design, can be effectively integrated into the client machine tool spindle, convenient and machine tools


The spindle rotation together, under the condition of small torque, can use the trachea fixed shell, imported high temperature resistant bearing support

The rotation of the connector, to ensure the rotary joints in harsh conditions, guarantee the effect of zero leakage


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  • rotary joint
  • swivel joint
  • through bore slip ring
  • multi-passage rotary joint

customization indication


    • max speed: 40RPM
    • max temperature: 80°„C
    • max pressure: 15000PSI
    • total passage: 4passage£®4in4out£©
    • size requiements: D90L150(diameter90 length150£©mm
    • media type: high pressure oil
    • connector size: flange connect no requirements
    • connector screws: G3/8
    • External diameter: ¶Ķ16mm
    • option for slip ring: no
    • application environment : Excavator use