Double Flange Rotary Joint

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Rotary Joints

Double flange rotary joint are customized£¨support gas oil


Water and so on, support to combine wirh slip ring . transmit data, signal ethernet


Support1passage-24passage£¨one flange connect with customer's power unit


Another flange used to fix the rotary joint£¨


When customer original power applications changes£¨it can rotate the rotary joints, make the axle stay, when changing the power unit£¨both


Can be replaced£¨it's a special rotary joint£¨Widely used in the rotary plate, compact design

Can effectively reduce the occupied space, increase the flexibility of joint face£¨


Any other requirements, contact:


  • rotary joint
  • swivel joint
  • through bore slip ring
  • multi-passage rotary joint

customization indication


  • max speed: 40RPM
  • max temperature: 80°„C
  • max pressure: 15000PSI
  • total passage: 4passage£®4in4out£©
  • size requiements: D90L150(diameter90 length150£©mm
  • media type: high pressure oil
  • connector size: flange connect no requirements
  • connector screws: G3/8
  • External diameter: ¶Ķ16mm
  • option for slip ring: no
  • application environment : Excavator use